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Delphi SQLite Wrapper

This is very simple Sqlite 3 wrapper for Delphi and FreePascal. It is based on Tim Anderson's Simplewrapper. I was using his wrapper for long time, include my contributions. However it lost simplicity later and contains lot of duplicated features.

I start with code cleaning and create my own wrapper code as separate project. It have similar interface is Tim's wrapper, but is is very close to Sqlite API.


  • It is not component, just units. Include this wraper to your project uses and create classes for handling of database.
  • It is not integrated into Delphi database model.
  • Very lightweight code.
  • You can call any SQL command and walk through result set.
  • You can use parametrized queries.
  • You can use transactions, include savepoints!
  • You can define your own UDF (User defined SQL functions).
  • You can define your own collates.
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