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    * Affordable - SpamHalter is free for personal and commercial use.     * Affordable - SpamHalter is free for personal and commercial use.
-Because this product is free, we cannot guarantee any technical support! Your questions to address support@ararat.cz may not be replied. However we are anxious to please all donation senders. +[[support|License, support and donations]]
- +
-Even if this program is free, it cost lot of author's time and effort. We declare this software as donationware. Please, send any donation by PayPal, by MoneyBookers, or by your CreditCard. +
-Thank you very much! +
-Unofficial SpamWall/Spamhalter WIKI pages+
==== You can download: ==== ==== You can download: ====
-Current version of SpamHalter: http://www.ararat.cz/download/spamhaltersetup-4.4.0.exe +  * Current version of SpamHalter: {{:file:spamhaltersetup-4.5.0.exe|}} 
- +  * Dokumentation: {{:file:spamhalter.pdf|}}
-Dokumentation: http://www.ararat.cz/download/SPAMHALTER.pdf +
- +
-Starter database for SpamWall/SpamHalter 4.x.x You can merge it with your database!(contains lot of spams... you must add your legal messages before use!): http://www.ararat.cz/download/words4.zip+
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