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Clamwall is program that uses ClamAV daemon as antivirus filter. Clamwall is antivirus protection on the server level. It works for all local accounts automatically without any special software on the client side. You can use any post program on the client side.

Major ClamWall's features:

  • Works with ClamAV Daemon antivirus.
  • ClamAV Daemon can be runnign on any computer. ClamWall communicating with ClamAV directly by TCP protocol.
  • ClamWall can be runned in mode where it running ClamAV byself and controling their run.
  • Can prohibit some attachment by their filename extensions.

Because this product is free, we cannot guarantee any technical support! Your questions to address may not be replied. However we are anxious to please all donation senders.

Even if this program is free, it cost lot of author's time and effort. We declare this software as donationware. Please, send any donation by PayPal, by MoneyBookers, or by your CreditCard. Thank you very much!

Actual version of ClamWall:

ClamWall's documentation:

ClamWall needs your ClamAV Daemon. Sources of ClamAv are available on You can found compiled ClamAV binary distributions on the internet. For examle, this one by tBB:

My preconfigured ClamAV config files for ClamSelf mode (Maybe is not actual!):

See for additional unofficial ClamAV signatures here:

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